“Rehabilitation is the process of helping or returning to a healthy or good way of life. Often, only the physically challenged are considered disabled. If to be disabled means 'someone that has an illness, injury, or condition that makes it difficult for them to do the things that other people do,' it implies that every human on earth has a form of disability.

"Biblically speaking, if only 'God is Able' then the rest of humanity are 'disable;' hence, the need to see oneself equal with the physically challenged."

 The pupils from St Mary's Rehabilitation and   Development Centre, Ipetumodu, Osun State on Sunday 3 December proved wrong the notion "they are incapable," as they preached at Ss Peter & Paul Pro-Cathedral, Lagere, Ile-Ife.

To them, those who are physically upright have only received grace from God but not better than them.

A drama presentation from them encouraged humanity to always live together in peace, unity and harmony.

Humankind is to love one another and be supportive at all times to their neighbours, especially the physically challenged who are receiving insults because of their predicament.

The persons with disabilities consider their present situation as the will of God and not their fault. They say they also help themselves with the little they are given which is not always enough. They thank the Church all over the world for the special care and love shown them even if they are not Catholics.

Furthermore, they thanked Rev. Fr Paul Akinyode, parish priest of Ss Peter & Paul, who decided to add a percentage to the total contribution realised by the pupils on the Disability Day, 3 December. They also thanked all parishioners for their support, as the priest encouraged humankind to always contribute more to the physically challenged because blessings are attached to giving.

"There was a man who saw along the way a poor person and he threw two slices of bread to him; on getting to heaven, he was showed how much blessing received by throwing two slices to the poor person but the rich man lamented that he could have given him a full loaf if he had known," said Fr Paul, as he encouraged humanity to have a good and giving heart.


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