Belonging to many church societies and organisations has become unhealthy as this phenomenon has permeated various parishes with or without anybody taking cognisance of it. Even the leadership of the laity council or the parish priest at any level has not raised any eyebrow or curbed it.

It is ludicrous a situation whereby you find a parishioner belonging to as many as six societies and more than two organisations in a parish. One wonders how such a person distributes or allocates his time to genuinely and actively participate in the meetings of these societies and contribute meaningfully his or her moral, financial and spiritual obligations to the growth of the societies.

The resultant effect is that some of these societies and organisations cannot discharge their responsibilities to both the laity and the pastoral councils. A peep into the financial accounts of the two councils shows that some of these societies and organisations are heavily indebted to them.

Wait a moment, have you taken a cursory look at the long procession associated with societies during thanksgiving ceremonies? Then you need to visit them on their meeting days, I bet you can count the number of the attendees on your finger tips; obviously, these members are not committed enough. Pity! It is either they want to use the platform of the societies to obtain one thing or the other or they want to be relevant in the scheme of things as they parade themselves about under the guise of society activity.

The council should wade into this since multiple memberships have been traced to the non-viability of some of these societies.

Little wonder then that multiple memberships have become the bane of the societies but methinks that the council should clamp down on parishioners and restrict their membership of societies to two for optimum performance. Same should apply to organisations.

While advocating for the restructuring of the various societies, only the vibrant and viable ones should be left to operate while the mushroom ones are either dropped or attached to the well established societies.

-MUYIWA IDOWU (08029465045, 08077374888)

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