Catholic Archdiocese of Ibadan celebrates her Annual Get-together on the 6th of January 2023 at 8, Baale Latosa Road, Onireke, Ibadan. Find below the Address of the Archbishop:


Your Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Felix Alaba Job,

The Vicar General, Rev.Fr. Gregory Oyelami,

Vicars and Dean,

Rev. Monsignori,

Rev. Frs., Rev. Deacons,

All Consecrated Persons,

Dignitaries of Church, State and Traditional Chiefs,

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I am glad to see you all and I welcome you warmly to our Annual Archdiocesan Get-Together. We are here to share and interact once again with one another as an appreciation for the year 2022 and to set an agenda for the year 2023.

We are able to do these only because God has made it possible. All glory and honour be to His Holy Name now and forever. With joy and thanksgiving for God’s graciousness, I welcome you all warmly and wish you a Happy New Year 2023. Ki odun y’abo fun gbogbo wa o. Ki aanu ati ibukun Oluwa wa lori gbogbo wa. Amin.



The year 2022 has come and gone but memories of it are marked in the sands of time. I appreciate the efforts of each and everyone of you, my people, in contributing to the life and growth of the Church – Priests, Consecrated Persons, our dear Laity and even our non-Catholic friends. I thank you for your sacrifices, faith, perseverance and goodwill.

Permit me to recall some highlights of the year:



The Priests and Religious working in parish apostolates of the Archdiocese of Ibadan had the maiden Archdiocesan Pastoral Seminar in January, 2022. The Pastoral Seminar is an annual event where the priests meet to evaluate the pastoral life of the church in all parishes in the Archdiocese of Ibadan within the past year and set new agenda for the coming year. This year’s seminar will hold in few weeks. We pray for its success.



In the month of August, 2022, Ibadan hosted catholic youths all over the country at the National Youth Day celebration. While the opening and closing ceremonies held at the Ss Peter & Paul Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan, some of our parishes provided accommodation and other logistics for these youths during the program. The feedbacks so far have been positive. We thank God for the success recorded at this event. I am aware that hosting a national event of this nature is never easy but we were up to the task. I use this opportunity to thank all of you that worked for the success we now celebrate. I may not be able to mention names but your efforts are acknowledged and well appreciated. Thank you so much.



I wish to congratulate Rt. Rev. Msgr. Anthony Ewherido, the Bishop-Elect of the Diocese of Warri. Msgr. Ewherido was, until his appointment as Bishop, the Rector of our Interdiocesan Seminary, Ss Peter & Paul Major Seminary, Bodija, Ibadan. We pray that he will be filled with the grace of his new office. Amen. His ordination and installation ceremonies will hold on the 9th of February 2023 at the Holy Martyrs of Uganda Minor Seminary, Effurun, Warri, Delta State. May the Lord bless the Diocese of Warri and their new Chief Shepherd. Amen!



I want to also recall the celebration of the 70th birthday of Fr. Matthew Olarinde held on the 21st December, 2022 at Eleta parish. It was a beautiful celebration. We congratulate him once again. I also thank you all for your participation and support towards the success of the event.



During the year, we were blessed with five (3) new priests ordained for the Archdiocese. I welcome them once again and present them to you: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Adebisi, Rev. Fr. Paul Afolabi and Rev. Fr. JohnPaul Nnajiofor. They have since resumed various assignments. May the Lord keep them steadfast. Amen!



Three of our sons were also raised to the Order of Deacons on the 1st of January, 2023. They are: Rev. Baranjoko Joseph (St. Mary, Cathedral), Rev. Jemibor Peter (St. Lawrence, Lasokun), and Rev. Olojede Edward (St. Anne, Igangan). They shall be returning to the Seminary at Bodija to continue and conclude their formation. May the Lord bless you and guide your feet.



On behalf of us all, I want to welcome back to the Archdiocese, Rev. Fr. Francis Awotoye, who was on studies in Venice, Italy. He holds a doctorate degree in Canon Law. He currently assists at the Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church, University of Ibadan.



At this point, I welcome and introduce to you, priests and sisters who came into the Archdiocese in the last one year:



At this point, I welcome and introduce to you, priests and sisters who came into the Archdiocese in the last one year:

  1. 1.  Dominicans Fathers and Brothers

Fr. Paul Akpomie

Fr. Francis Ugobor

Fr. Nichodemus Ugwu

Fr. Emmanuel Ohayi

Fr. Michael Chilokwa


  1. 2.  Religious Sisters of Charity

Sr. Kelechi Agugo


  1. 3.  Salesians of Don Bosco

Fr. Anthony Oche


  1. 4.  Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles:

Sr. Winifred Diagboya

Sr. Martha Agbedo


  1. 5.  Sisters of Daughters of Divine Love

Sr. Immaculata Obi


  1. 6.  Franciscan Sisters (OSF)

Sr. Mercy Agbamu

  1. 7.  Claretian Fathers (CMF)

Fr. Edward Kwaghtsule




It is a new year! With renewed vigour, we launch into the year with hope.


Forthcoming General Elections

 My dear brothers and sisters, fellow citizens of our dear country Nigeria, as I have welcomed you into the New Year, I also welcome you into the election year. The time has come for us to elect leaders for our nation and move on in our democracy into another republic. The responsibility of a smooth transition lies in our hands. 

There are so many talks going on at this time about who to vote for or who not to vote for. I encourage you to refuse to vote for politicians who have not provided clear agenda for economic recovery and safety of lives, who peddle falsehood, and conduct purposeless campaigns. I admonish you all to obtain and secure your Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) and we admonish INEC to do all possible to conduct free, safe and fair elections, come February 2023.



In the month of July 2023, the ordination classes of 1998 & 2013 shall be celebrating twenty-five years and ten years of priestly ordination anniversaries respectively. We pray the lord to bless them and fructify their priestly apostolate.



My dear brothers and sister, my message to you this evening borders mainly on the subject of peace. At this time, more than ever, we must desire and also work together towards achieving peace especially in our society and in our Archdiocese. As some of you already know, every 1st of January, we celebrate the world day of peace. This is because the Church wants us to be mindful of the importance of peace and our collective responsibility in attaining it.

One of the primary enemies of peace in the society and Church is Man himself. In other words, there are certain activities, vices, behaviors and attitudes of man that are contrary to peace. Amongst many, we have inequality, injustice, poverty, selfish interests, marginalization of the poor, tribalism, nepotism, religious fundamentalism and extremism and bigotry, religious biases and prejudices, corruption, political interests and so on. Wherever we find these vices, peace becomes an illusion, almost unattainable.

Sadly, some of these vices have crept into the church of Christ. We now see tribal sentiments and selfish motives in our churches. We see inequalities and partiality in our organizations. How is peace to reign in such environments? How can peace be established in churches where some are favored and others are unnoticed? Can people or leaders who are bias bring about justice and peace?

This explains why most of our churches suffer disorder, unrest, backwardness, stagnancy and even violence and chaos sometimes.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the prince of peace, desires our peaceful coexistence. To be true children of God, we must be peace-seekers, peacemakers and peace-givers. The Church has never ceased to pray the devotion of St. Francis of Assisi - that we should be instruments of peace. Pope Francis puts it well in his message when he challenged us to be “artisans of peace.”

Peace is one of the strongest instruments for unity and progress. True peace is instrumental to and fuels progress. Either as individuals or groups, we can rarely achieve progress when we live in bitterness, mutual suspicion, hatred, unhealthy rivalry and jealousy. Rather than achieve progress, these vices provoke conflict, frustrate progress, create bad blood and incite violence.

As an Archdiocese, we have to evaluate these factors that threaten our peaceful coexistence and slow down the pace of our desired progress. We need to eliminate inequalities, personal and selfish interests, tribalism, nepotism, class from among us.

To ensure peace, we must:

1. We must remember that we need one another. True peace is possible only if there is true fraternity and solidarity among us.

2. We must have a change of heart and view. We should see ourselves as one family of God, and not people in competition.

3. We must promote the common good for the benefit of the greater community. We must shun personal and selfish interests.

4. We must become co-responsible and compassionate and engage only in actions that enhance peace.

Only then will we be able to build a new world, a kingdom of love, justice and peace.


The Body of Christ is ONE. The Church is the Family of God. We are the Church, the Body of Christ.

I implore all, Priests, Consecrated Persons and Lay Faithful, let us work more together. Our oneness is not accidental; it is the will of God. My brother priests, and consecrated persons, we have to lead in forging unity, peace and progress. Institutions, Congregations and groups are not Churches but groups within the Body of Christ, the Church. We have to work together, interact and visit one another and celebrate together. Our togetherness is symbolic, meaningful, edifies and catechizes. That is the intention of Jesus Christ, the Founder of his Church.  

With the Synod on Synodality, we must work with our Lay Faithful our real brothers and sisters in Christ. Dialogue is our instrument of peace, unity and progress.

Liturgy: Our liturgy needs attention. Let us celebrate it as we were taught, as it was handed over to us. No excessive inclusions, moderations, pluralization, dramatization, fortunetelling, announcements without cautions or ending and extra-collections that swallow up the spiritual gains of the liturgy. In fact, we are going to work hard to systemize our monetary collections to make everybody feel at home and happy in the Church.

Finally, my dear brothers and sisters, the Lay Faithful of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, please try to cooperate with what the Church says. Do not misunderstand the Synod on Synodality. By the grace of God, we shall use its teaching and directives to make the Church progressive and preserve her greatness.

Some sections of the Church are already working hard among the lay faithful – C.M.O, C.W.O, C.Y.O.N, H.C.A, we hope and depend on you. You shall not fail. Amen.

Laity elections are coming, please, do not make it politics out there. Let us make it peaceful like that of C.M.O, C.W.O, C.Y.O.N. If there is any seemingly trouble, I will have to intervene, such will not happen in the Church of Christ. We are not political parties. We are just societies in the Church.

I pray that the Spirit of Christ will work in all of us. My prayerful best wishes for peace, unity and progress in 2023 and beyond. Amen.


+ G. ‘Leke Abegunrin

Archbishop of Ibadan       

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