“…The sensible will not neglect direction; the proud and insolent are deterred by no fear.Do nothing without deliberation;then once you have acted, have no regrets.”

(Sir. 32:19).

We go further in our reflection on etiquette particularly as a party host or as a guest. The second part of Sirach 32 focuses on discipline and deliberate Direction- that is when our actions are carefully thought out with an expected outcome.

First Thought – Modesty and decorum

Sirach tells us to be a good host by not bragging but to make a deliberate effort to service and ensuring the guest are well attended to (Sir. 32: 1-2). Parties are not for showing off or display of wisdom. Let the Music, food and wine do the talking for once (Sir. 32: 3 - 8). A good party is all about modesty and decorum (Sir. 32: 10). One of the commentaries on this chapter of Sirach comments that Sirach’s etiquette advice should be given repeated publications on all media platforms,because no modern author of this present day could have said it better. This is because Sirach gives a balanced view by criticizing those who believe in getting drunk and doing as they please because they can and equally those who think to have fun or have earthly joy is a sin. In short, Sirach believes and rightly so that as God’s Children we have the right to enjoy on earth for God made it so and it is good, however, we should not go to extremes but all in modesty and decorum befitting of a wise and mannered person (Sir. 31 -32: 13).

Second Thought - Deliberate faith

To know God we must be discipline and seek his wisdom (Sir. 32:14), Sirach talks about deliberate faith when he said, “Whoever fears the LORD will understand what is right,and out of obscurity he will draw forth a course of action”(Sir. 32: 16,18).we should not be fakers in faith, our faith should be deliberate and accepting, we must be willing to know God so we will not be caught in our web of deception:- “The lawless turn aside warningsand distort the law to suit their purpose”(Sir. 32: 17). In Christendom, you do nothing without deliberation; then once you have acted, have no regrets….be careful on your paths.Whatever you do, be on your guard,for whoever does so keeps the commandments.Whoever keeps the law preserves himself;and whoever trusts in the LORD shall not be put to shame. (Sir. 32: 19, 22 - 24).


Dear Readers,

Reading Sirach 32, we should make effort to grow more in faith with boldness and will, Sirach shows us in this reflection that God reveals himself through the discipline of his law, a clear and safe plan of life for the pious. Direction and deliberation are aids in following it (Sir. 32:14–16, 18–24). Sinners and hypocrites, hating the law or distorting it, fail in wisdom and are devoid of security (32:15b, 17, 18b).

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