Preventing the ultimate Nigerian disaster!

Preventing the ultimate Nigerian disaster!

OBVIOUSLY, SOME people reading the title of this discussion will be wondering what nonsense this writer may be thinking about in his silly head! However, such a person would be like one of the five foolish virgins whose stories are told in the Holy Scriptures. While everybody who goes to a wedding feast in the said Jewish wedding knows what the virgin mates of the bride should do before the bridegroom arrived, these foolish virgins did nothing until that happened!

So, what is this ultimate Nigerian national disaster? When the so-called country was inappropriately set up in 1914 for the mere socio-economic and political, imperialistic aggrandizement of Britain, most informed people knew that the funny place was simply a disaster waiting to happen at great cost of human life and resources. This was to be so, except with the eventual proper restructuring of the place by its various occupants in order to produce a proper and mutually agreed place, in EVERY OF ITS RAMIFICATIONS, in order to produce a country worthy of the name of a true NATION! Herbert Macaulay tried to do so at the onset of the true nationalistic and independence movements at the end of the Second World War, beginning with the merger of the multitude of very small and Lagos localized political parties to form the only truly national political party of the NCNC -the National Council of the Nigerians and the (Western) Cameroons. But no sooner than that happened that political parties with hegemonic tendencies followed soon after, all refusing to follow with the vision and mission of this most healthily visionary Nigerian leader and his successors. However, the most counter-visionary of all these other leaders was surely Ahmadu Bello; who either got for himself or howsoever inherited the most appropriate title of the Sardauna of the Sokoto Caliphate. The vision and mission of continuing the radical socio-economic and political fake theocratic jihad of his said great grandfather, Uthman Danfodio, was continuously declared and acted upon by him all through his life! That this radical Islamic jihad was going to be carried out by stealth until the right time came for the total belligerent jihad was never in doubt; and he never hid that plan from anybody in the country. But those who chose to ignore it, like the foolish virgins, ignored it.

Till date, many of these people ignored it, largely because they believed that "it is these (their Nigerian) equally aggressive socio-economic and political Igbos that are unnecessarily orchestrating this non-existent issue". The rest of the country kept doing so, aided stealthily by the jihadists, because these jihadists knew that those Igbos are the most culturally insightful about the stealth as well as the ultimate jihad. So they remained the specific target of the jihadists, with repeated murderous anti-Igbo riots against them all over the dominant areas of those jihadists of all of those times, as Gideon Okar in his failed coup d'état of the IBB era tried to carve away from the real and disserving Nigeria, as he perceived it! This unfortunate notion that "it is the 'deserving Igbos' that these people are after and it does not concern us" unfortunately persists in the country, even now. This is, in spite of the fact that this jihad (stealth previously, but now on the verge of the true, total and globally murderous physical one) has been visibly growing in front of everybody's eyes and will happen shortly, except by the most special grace of God!

Now in the country, the murderous Fulani Islamic jihadist imperialism has virtually set itself in place to blow up any day! While Lamidi Adesina was the executive governor of Oyo State, these jihadists in the name of wandering Fulani Herdsmen rehearsed their jihad in the Oke Ogun area of the state. The natives gave them their deserved response (as they repeated in Ife lately); and Muhammadu Buhari, who was then apparently only herding his own cows in Daura/Katsina, led "a most powerful delegation" of "his people" to boldly protest to Adesina that the Yoruba/Oke-Ogun response to the jihad was not acceptable in this Nigerian nation (according to the 1999 Abdulsalami Islamic Constitution of Nigeria". That episode went underground; while the same Buhari went ahead to repeatedly seek election as Nigeria's president so that he can come for the final preparation for the full-scale physical jihad.

Finally, he received the assistance of a similarly ruthless stealth jihadist of another brand, in the person of Ahmed Tinubu, who has helped to fabricate the most stealth organ of the so-called All People's Congress (APC) political party for his stealth enthronement for the long desired jihad. At the time, the same Nigerian "foolish virgins' political saga" played out very well. For while all the politically sagacious people saw this erstwhile stealth jihad coming with the APC for the final run before the ultimate physical one, many did not see it! They did not because their focus was effectively focused on the "non-performing Jonathan administration who favoured the undesirable Igbo people and who therefore must be gotten rid of by anybody at all, no matter what ANYBODY said about him, true or false"! The fact that Jonathan's "non-performance" was also part of the result of these original jihadists who had vowed and informed EVERYBODY that they own the country already, and anybody not approved by them, may not rule the country; otherwise, they will make it "ungovernable" for him! They would not accept the barest fact that the APC was an amalgamation of all the past political thieves in the country who could leave their previous stealing posts, apparently completely, especially from the same properly despised People's Democratic Party, etc.

Now, these jihadists are everywhere in the country, parading most arrogantly with their cows, their repeatedly excused ethnic cleansing, destruction of lives, farms, properties and even completely sacking towns and villages and renaming them as their booties of the jihad; and we are still looking! Their foot soldiers are all over the places, having taken over the "Okada" and "Kepe Napep" transport industry and getting to know our towns better than all of us put together, by our most compliant cooperation; all in preparation for the ultimate pump action machine gun and other jihadist command to come, and we will all be overrun - at least in their own minds, as they had most easily done globally in history - in old Turkey, all of the old Asia Minor, etc! They are the only ones with AK47 and other sophisticated weapons, but every other person or persons having any instruments of any fights whatsoever are searched out, brought to political criminal notoriety and publicly penalized; and we are all happily watching! All the military and civilian security commands are placed in the hands of these jihadists and their very few compromised cooperators; and we are only busy making noises, writing only letters to deaf and dumb people; and do not see the place "all fully set for the ultimate jihad now", except for the grace of God and our doing the only thing left to do - the organized and most peaceful invitation of the civilized world as organized, by one and all, to this silly situation! Well, I have done my part and will leave the case here. God bless the true Nigeria; or indeed, ANYTHING WHATSOEVER, that HE approves of the present OR INDEED,  ANY  NIGERIA  AT ALL;  after  all,  HE is all-mighty, all-knowing, all-loving and all-merciful God!

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