An address by Bro Matthew Ajibero at the press conference organised  by the Ibadan  MetropolitanCouncil, Order of St Mulumba,

Nigeria as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of KSM in Ibadan holding at St Patick’s Catholic Church, Basorun, Ibadan

The Worthy Supreme Chancellor, Deputy Metropolitan Grand Knight, Grand Knights here present, Worthy Brothers and our Ladies  Gentlemen of the Press, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I welcome you all to this Press Conference meant to highlight our plans for the celebration of 60 years of the Order.  The Order was established in 1953 by Rev. Fr. Anselm  Abraham Ojefua in Owerri on the Orders of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria. The Order came into being as a counter measure to the secret societies of the time: freemasonry, Ogboni, etc. The Order is to guard and protect the interests of the Catholic Church.

In short it is to fight for the Church. It was this spirit of the Order that made a group of six men to conceive the idea of bringing the Order to Ibadan. These were, Bros. J.F. Odunjo, D.F.O. Da-Silva, M.A. Osho, F.D. Woods, W. Gasciogne and R.N. Izegbu. The six men called the “THE IBADAN GROUP” conceived the idea of getting a separate Sub-Council for Ibadan. They were subsequently initiated into the Order in Onitsha in 1957 paying the way for their pioneering role as the foundation members of the Ibadan Sub-Council they had set their eyes on.

On 8th June 1958, the establishment of a new Sub-Council for the Ibadan was approved at a meeting of the Order in Onitsha.

The D-day came on 29th June, 1958 when the Ibadan Sub-Council was inaugurated at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Oke-Padre, Ibadan. The Epochal event commenced with a Pontifical High Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Ibadan diocese, Rt. Rev. Richard Finn. He was assisted by Re. Fr. Sanusi and Rev. Fr. Anselm Ojefua, the Founder of the Order. The homily was delivered by by Rev. Fr. Sanusi. The Inauguration of the new Sub-Council followed the mass. This was capped with a sumptuous lunch at Lafia Hotel. The Ibadan Sub-Council thus became one of the first three Sub-Councils to be established after the founding of the Order.

Those at the event included Bros. J.F. Odunjo,M.A. Osho, F.D. Woods, D.F.O. Da-Silva, R. N. Izegbu and W. Gasciogne, all of Ibadan land; Bros. C.E. Abebe, R.N. Egwelle from Lagos; Rev. Fr. A. Sanusi, and Bro. F.O. Osamor of Ijebu-Ode; A.O. Emunwen from Asaba;  F.O. Ugbochie, Ughelli; Rev. Fr. Ojefua, Irrua; M.E. Okoye and G.O,G. Eme-Ezeoke, Onitsha; and M.A. Makinde from Warri.

Following the inauguration, new members were initiated into the Order at Ibadan. These included both lay faithful and Clergy. Among the Priests that were initiated were Rev. Fr. John Travers, Rev. Fr. Charles Sanni, Rev. Fr. Felix Alaba Job (now Emeritus Archbishop), Rev. Fr. J. B. Adelakun Bishop Emeritus of Oyo Diocese) and Msgr. A. K. DA-Silva. Other members included   Messrs E. Umenozie, A.B. Wilson-Adegbesan, D.I. Obi, F.A. Akilapa, J.B. Fadipe,  Fadipe and J.B. Ojo.

Some members were also initiated from Lagos who later formed the nucleus of the Lagos Sub-Council formed in 1961. Among them were A. F. Hooper and A.I. George.

The Ibadan Sub-council has given birth to many Sub-councils including Lagos, Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode, Osogbo, Akure, Ondo, Ave-Maria, Basorun, Oluyole, Oke-Offa and Ile-Ife. Ilorin Sub-council was added after Ilorin was merged with Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province. It can therefore be seen that the Ibadan Sub-Council is the Mother of all the Sub-Councils in the Southwest of the Country.

The Ibadan Metropolitan Council of the Order has 10 Sub-councils and its territory is the Ecclesiastical Province of Ibadan. Ibadan Metropolitan Council was established in 1995 after the Holy Father created Ibadan Ecclesiastical Province as one of the six he created in 1994. 

Thus the Metropolitan Council owes its spread to Ibadan Sub-council. This is why the Diamond Jubilee is being celebrated as a Metropolitan affair. The history of Ibadan Metropolitan Council is the history of the the Ibadan Sub-Council.

The Metropolitan Council through its mother Sub-council, Ibadan has produced many national officers of the Order; including a Supreme Knight, a Supreme Secretary and 3 Supreme Chancellors. The Metropolitan Grand Knights (MGK’s) so far produced are Bros. D. I. Obi, Paul Famoyin, Joseph Ayo Fapohunda, Francis Oginni and the incumbent-Bro. Matthew Ajibero.

Activities to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee Anniversary are:

1.            Saturday 14th April, 2018 - Pro-Life walk around Oke-Ado, Ibadan Time: 8.00am

2.            Monday 4th June, 2018 - Press Conference at St Patrick Catholic Church, Basorun, Ibadan  Time; 11.00a.m.

3.            Saturday 23rd June , 2018 - The KSM/LSM School Quiz competition @ St Gabriel’s Catholic Church, Mokola, Ibadan. Time: 10.00a.m.

-Visit to charity homes (to Run Concurrently) Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

4.            Friday, 20th July, 2018 - Thanksgiving Mass at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Oke-Ado and Investitute f 4th Degree Knights. Time: 10.00a.m.

-              Turing of the sod for Mulumba House. time; 11.00a.m.

-              Visit to select media houses, time: 2pm -5pm

5.            Saturday 21st July, 2018; Courtesy calls by the Supreme Knight on some prominent officials time: 12.00p.m.

  -Anniversary lecture. tinme: 2.00p.m.

 -Anniversary dinner/ball and award ceremony. time: 5.00p.m.

Once again, I thank you all for coming and do look forward to seeing you at these events and also hope that you would assist us in giving the widest coverage possible at these events.

Pax Christi.....deo Gratias.... in Jesus Triumphant ... We live!

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