EMULATE ST JOSEPH, the foster father of Jesus Christ who upheld his responsibility of providing, caring and protecting the Holy Family and vessels of God in his care, V. Rev. Fr Richard Omolade told the Ibadan Archdiocesan Catholic Men Organisation (CMO) at St Joseph, Oke-Ado, Ibadan, Tuesday 1 May.

The event was to mark the feast day of St Joseph the Worker (CMO patron saint).

                The programme started with a Mass at 10am with Rev. Fr. Joseph Akinbinu, parish priest, as chief celebrant and Fr Omolade, chaplain of CMO, as homilist.

                Fr Omolade told the men to uphold the virtue of the dignity of labour and bequeath same to their children. “As you work with dedication in the Church of God, you should also extend such services to society and humanity,” he said.

He advised the men to live in love and correct one another in love.

Dr S. O. S. Alieme on “The roles of a father to the family and the society” at Rev. Fr Dolan Hall said the roles of a father included being a priest, role model, provider, protector, playmate, companion, teacher, servant, talent developer and procreator. He added that the greatest gift a father can offer his children is to love their mother.

“Love your family, make them feel at home, be a good listener and once in a while, tell them you love them,” Dr Alieme said.

He urged fathers to be responsible for “your children define your family; your family defines our society, and our society defines the nation and the world at large.”

Dr Augustine Omoike, archdiocesan President, in his welcome address, had earlier told the men to brace up to the challenges of accepting Christ as their leader. “As fathers, husbands and caretakers of our generation, let us have great vision from collective agreement, obeying rules of law and be productive CMO members and emulators of St. Joseph,” Dr Omoike said.

No fewer than 115 delegates from 20 parishes attended the event

- CAMPAN, Oke-Ado.

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