Myriads of problems facing Nigeria have made life “short and brutish,” a situation that continues to call for serious witnessing by the Church.

Indeed, all people of goodwill must wake up to the emerging realities of kidnappings, killings by the Fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram insurgency and various forms of harassment and intimidation in the buildup to the 2019 elections.

Most worrisome is that the unabated killings in the Middle Belt by the Fulani herdsmen, with houses and means of livelihood destroyed, directly challenge the very existence of this nation and her people.

We reiterate; the citizens of this country must keep ringing it in the ears of President Mohammadu Buhari that enough is enough. These terrorists must be stopped by all means possible.

The people at the epicentre of this dastardly act should not be left to their fate. The struggle is not just solely the Benue people or residents in the Middle Belt or the North, these blood-suckers will march on, killing hopes and destroying destinies. They must be overrun before they extend their strongholds to other states. We are all potential victims of this evil. 

This struggle is not  just against the Buhari government, but purely a service to our motherland,  a Nigerian struggle. It is a fight for life, which is a primary duty of every rightly thinking person.

We, as a nation, say no.  Our humanity must not continue to be traded off such that life means little to us. Where is humanity without humanness and where is humanness without heart? Those who lack humanness are surely bedfellows of barbarity and incivility.We cannot all become heartless lest we perish. Fulani herdsmen and their sponsors cannot give life so they have no right to take what they cannot give. Ironically, every government swore to an oath to protect the lives and property of Nigerians. For this reason, the government must be held accountable.

The killer herders are not just criminals and enemies of Nigeria, they are also enemies of humanity. They want to disseminate and possibly exterminate our nation. We must crush them before they destroy us. Their own world is devoid of civility. We are civilised; they are savages, and all efforts at civilisation become fruitless if the civilised do not know freedom and protection.

We commend US President Donald Trump for saying that his government would not tolerate the killing of Christians in Nigeria. This, indeed, should be a wake-up call to President Buhari to do the right thing – stop the blood flow. The global bodies and world leaders have a part in all this. They are to individually and jointly condemn the attitude of the Nigerian government. Sitting back and watching the bloodletting cannot go as interference in the activities of a sovereign nation. No.  Therefore the entire universe must show their strong antipathy to bloodletting in this country.

The fight against insurgency is also a fight against the spirit of darkness. We have been so long in this state of hopelessness as not to cringe in horror. By the time the herdsmen terrorism is done with, God helping us, the next port of call is state terrorism, which is the cause of all our troubles as a nation.

Treasury looters have indeed shed more blood than anybody else in this country. While the good people, both past and present, have been busy charting the way forward for this country, the bad elements have ceaselessly looted our common wealth. Still, they claim to be our keepers. But by their fruit, we shall know them.

Treasury looting is the reason why we are what we are – hungry and poor. It is the reason why government hospitals and other institutions are not working optimally. It is the reason why we cannot access good healthcare, quality education and effective transportation. We need to let the looters know that they are the reason why many Nigerian youths are dropouts and “lazy.” They are the cause of the auto accidents that happen daily on our roads. They are the reason why we have porous borders. On the whole, they are the reason why this geographical contraption called Nigeria has failed to work.

Our struggle is for the soul of the country – a nation weighed down by the greed and ineptitude of her leaders.

In this month of May, specially dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, we ask for divine wisdom to be able to intensify efforts that will eventually rescue this country from the clutches of these evil people. 

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