The 2018 activities of the Laity Week will commence with opening Mass on Sunday 11 March at St Paul, Omi-Adio, Ibadan. I urge all the parishes in the archdiocese to be well represented. In addition, I appeal that you attend all the progammes during the week. It is our week, so please let us celebrate it with fanfare and, as you do this, God will bless and reward you abundantly through Christ our Lord.

Help the needy: Christianity without hospitality is empty

God has instructed us to help the poor. Several times, we saw Jesus helping the poor in the Bible. So, God can and will use anyone that makes himself or herself available. As they say, givers never lack what to give. The one, who is always sowing, will never lack what to sow. Some people say they will begin to give only when they are rich. If you don’t give when you are poor, you may find it difficult to give when you become rich.

Do not grudge over your gifts. Grudging over your gifts is a deeply rooted sign of stinginess. Avoid it because God loves a cheerful giver. Christianity without hospitality is empty. How can anyone claim to be a Christian when he or she is not accommodating, hospitable and generous? No matter what you are going through in life, there is always somebody around you that you can help. There is someone around you that you are a little better than. Our Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew 25:40, “Truly I say, whenever you did this to one of the least of my brothers, you did it to me.” Show concern about other people. Help people who cannot help you in return. How often do you give to others?

Once again, I welcome you all and I pray to God for fruitful deliberations, through Christ our Lord.

Glory to Jesus


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