MOST REV. GABRIEL Abegunrin has urged couples looking on to God for the fruit of the womb to embrace naprotechnology.

Archbishop Abegunrin said this at the recent diaconate ordination of five candidates at St Dominic Catholic Church, Ogungbade, Ibadan on 31 December.

The Archbishop explained that this has nothing to do with contraception, which opposes the plan of God. Rather, naprotechnology is the study of the body system to enable conception take place.

The prelate announced that plans were underway to make the dream come true, as three persons are understudying the course after which they would be posted to Oluyoro, Eleta and UCH hospitals, respectively.

The Prelate further said that the archdiocese would soon create avenues where the faithful can learn more of the doctrine of the Church, family life and other issues concerning the Church. On this note he told families to get copies of the prolife book.

Archbishop Abegunrin also emphasised the need for fervent prayers in the archdiocese as regards the slogan “one family” used in different parishes. According to him until he sees the words pronounced actualised, he would not believe. He asserted that in his observation, the archdiocese is scattered, broken.

He said that people live slippery life because they are afraid, adding that in the family of God, nobody is inferior though they may be doing things differently.

He said when one is working for God, he/she should not pick offence, instead, should serve God with one mind and be able to forgive easily.

The Church Council president of St Dominic who while thanking the archbishop for making out time, also informed him that the majority of the laity are civil servants but they have the heart of gold when it comes to spiritual things. He thanked the youths whom he described as shakers of the church and society.

He thanked the parish priest and his assistant, Frs Gabriel Ajayi Css.R and Godwin Abbah C.Ss.R as well as the Dominican Sisters, Salesians and Redemptorists.

Sr Mary-Pia Adesanya OP, delegate superior, appreciated the Archbishop and all that came to celebrate with them, while the parish priest gave the vote of thanks.


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