He is a Professor of distinction; an erudite speaker, a wordsmith; an accomplished writer and poet; a motivational pastor and a prospective Nobel Laureate on the way to fulfilment.

The whole of the Christian World has adopted him as their leader. Leadership is not foisted on people. If people don't blink at your gentle admonition, shiver at your careful rebuke, laugh at your meaningful jokes and go home with a message whenever they have the opportunity of listening to you; or when your body language speaks (even when you haven't uttered a word) you're just warming the seat of the leader, you are not yet a real leader.  Leadership is earned, Papa Francis clearly won the ballot of the Cardinals to lead the Church but he has earned the Leadership of the entire Christian World by his words and actions.

I congratulate all Catholics. Let all priests and presbyters rise up and learn from his great examples. Words are not sufficient for evangelization.  Words MUST be matched with the right actions! 

Papa is not preaching a new doctrine; he is bringing Christ's words to us in today's language and making an impact; touching the inner recesses of our hearts; bridging the years of schisms; of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the Gospel. We can share what he believes. He is passionate about his conviction - reads what he believes, teaches what he believes and practises what he teaches. As he speaks, we flow with his words as if we are in conversation with him. We are touched by the genuineness of his words and feeling and identify with his conviction. This is what the world needs (not only from our priests) but from each and every one of us in whatever field of endeavour we find ourselves, be it in politics, academics or any other part of the religious or secular world.

We must not forget that we are also priests (albeit not of the Order of Melchizedek) and we are bound by the same laws and expectations as found in the Gospel. Being a Christian means only one thing for all of us  - we must be ready to carry our Cross and follow Him. Following Him means, walking behind HIM and taking the steps He has taken. If you stay too far behind someone you are following, you'll find he is out-of-sight and you'll  lose track of him. Can you then say you are following him? You are on your own! 

To be a Christian, (going by the above concept), be a follower of Christ. Are you truly following Christ? Are you a  Christian in the true sense of the word?  Am I a Christian?

I am a Christian by Baptism but still struggling and praying very hard to be a real follower of Christ. Every Christian should be on his way to heaven to take his rightful place among the Saints. 

Papa Francis needs more of our prayers and less of our adulation. For the Devil is ready to tempt him to make him falter. A faltering Pope would scandalise not just the Christian World but the whole world. And that's what the Devil would like. It is the hallmark of the Devil - to take away people from Christ. Aren't we quick to quote, "if the priest can do that, why can't I?" We oft forget that even the priest has to work for his own salvation. The doctor will not receive healing by treating several I'll patients! He must take his own medicines and follow the relevant advice.

Say a prayer for the Pope today and in fact for all priests, pastors and presbyters. And please don't forget to include me too in your prayers. 

-BGK Ajayi 

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