DO YOU NEED MY blessing? Have it. How else do I bless you? Just bless yourself and have it done. All things come from me. I can do all things. I know all things. I love you beyond measure. I walk by your side all the time helping, strengthening, protecting and blessing you. See how special you are. Cut off from me you can do nothing. I accept you the way you are. Your achievements and successes I do not need. You cannot impress me with them for I give them to you as a gift. All I need is your heart. Give me your heart the way it is. You don´t need to panic that your heart is stained. You don´t need to perfect it before surrendering it to me. Just give it to me the way it is. I don´t care. I made it and it belongs to me. It is not beyond my power to make it unstained all these years. But part of my being is respecting your freewill. Just come to me. Come to me now.

I know your present situation. I know what you are passing through. I know your joy and your sorrow. I know your struggles. Just come to me now and pour them all out. Come and experience my healing hand. The present situation of things in the country is really depressing. To deny it is to deceive self. I too do not deny it. The downward movement of a freefall can only be used to characterise what the nation is passing through. It is like one on a dark hallway passage not seeing the beginning and not seeing the end. It is a journey into the dark, a struggle amidst storm and turbulence. But do not stop. Keep on moving. I know how dark it is. I know how frustrating it is. I know how painful it is. You don´t need to tell me for I know. However, you can discuss with me in the silence of your heart or even in the groan of your pain. This will enable you to surrender unreservedly to me. It will help you profit of your crashing but healing tears. Mention them one after the other pausing at each point in time. You can write them down and after a prayerful meditation, burn the paper as an offering to me. I do not spurn a humbled contrite heart.

Allow me to speak to your soul. Let me whisper words of love into your ear. I want to talk to you as a loving Father would his son. I am your mother baker kneading you like the dough into the perfect shape you are. Follow my dictates and you will live. Obey my observances not out of fear but out of love. Conquer my heart as I am conquering yours. Make me proud by living a righteous life.  Forget your pains and sorrows. They are not beyond my power. You might be wondering why I have not taken away all your worries and pains. You might doubt my power in not making for you everyday a bed of roses. I want you to experience the negative aspect of life so that you may cherish what you have. Look around, your life is not the worst. There are people who have struggled the way you did but unsuccessful. Many have been more health conscious than you, yet they are bedridden. Some have been extra careful on the road, yet they died in an auto crash. Get up. Change the way you think and appreciate all these. Your suffering is not a sign that I don´t love you. My only Son came to the world and died. He groaned and begged me to remove the cup from him but I insisted. In my insistence he accepted my will. He learnt to obey through suffering. What of you? Learn from him. Listen to him. He is my beloved Son. If you love me, obey and follow my will. His death was not in vain. Through his death, many were made righteous. What of you? If you are truly Christlike, then make it that people benefit of your sorrow, disappointment, failure and heartbreak. Make yourself a life of sacrifice. You have heard it that unless a grain of wheat falls and dies, it will remain a single grain. My child, do you want to remain a single grain? If yes, then avoid suffering, run away from hardship. Resist trial and turbulence and see what the outcome would be. Instead of making you stronger, it will end up weakening you. Have you not heard it that in avoiding strong bedrocks, a river becomes narrow in its flow? Break hard so as to break through.   Do not be afraid of the storm. Pass through the storm and emerge fit and strong. I am by your side. Do not be afraid.

Stand up and be courageous. Stop feeling tired. See how the world is moving on with life and activities. Do you want to be trampled upon? Get up. Clean up. Bandage your injury and continue the race. You have not reached the end. It is not yet time to rest. Do not allow circumstances to drag you behind. Embrace and recreate circumstances. In this journey of life abound obstacles but the wise and the strong make positive use of them. Live your life in such a way that it will profit all including enemies. See yourself as a grain that will die for all and as a bread broken for all. See your life as a libation poured out for all. Trust in God and try your best to make the world a better place. And the best place to begin is your soul.

I promise you a crown if you emerge victorious. I will give you eternal life. I will allow you to eat from the tree of life in the middle of my garden. I will call you mine. Power and authority will belong to you. I will make you the pillar of my temple. You will not experience damnation.  You will not be blotted out from the book of life.  I am by your side all the time. Do not be afraid for you belong to me. I am the Lord your God who frees you from dangers and afflictions. With love from me.

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