AS I AM SURE THAT EVERYBODY who has been praying genuinely for Nigeria and all the people who dwell in it would have begun to realize, it has been actually good that we voted Buhari and his Ahmed Tinubu engineered team into power at the various levels of government in Nigeria in this last 2015 general elections. By "people genuinely praying", of course, I refer to people who in their relationship with God spend more time listening (than talking) to Him and discerning the signs of the times, as God always allows to show itself! Such people neither shout  at God (usually telling him what to do and commanding everybody else, Satan, other "enemies" and persons and powers to obey their wishes) or go into other forms of theatrical, "power contest" shows of their so-called "prayer"!

It has been good because, it has become quite clear to anybody whatsoever, that despite all the things that many people knew and did try to point out to us, but which according to the same secrete Godly design, we would then rather not listen to, so that God can work out His most secrete plans! It has become the same story of God writing overall straight, but minutely with very crocked lines initially - invariably to show to us all, all the seemingly wicked make-up of the political class in this country in the people called PDP and APC! These people keep jumping around, in chair dance theatrical shows, seeking where to grab political power so that they may use it for the very exact reasons that nobody should use such power for - personal sensless economic and other exploitataion, and the ruinage of the people! For anybody not to have seen this very clearly in the country now is for me not to know what to say or do to such a person!

Of course, the other thing that that rather self-ruinous voting has done, but for the grace of God, is to show us all the plans of the past attempted primitive colonizers of this geographical area. These are the people, who in spite of the advances in world civilization since then, are still bent on a continuing primitive attempt at continuing to do so; namely, the barbaric fanatical abusers of the Fulani race combined with their brand of the fanatically imperialistic Islamic religion! These people are the very ones who are hiding behind the rather honest and simple minded Fulani herdsmen, and now terrorizing not just the Nigerian peoples who are opposed to their fanaticism or terrorist colonialism in Nigeria but indeed, all of Africa, and especially west Africa! This is, of course first and foremost, a challenge to any genuine Muslims in the country, if they would care to realize it; that is, before it becomes our problem as a nation.

However, the difference between the response to these people in all other parts of West Africa and Nigeria, is that while those people are containing them better, the federal Nigerian government out of what seems like political and managerial incompetence but also clear elements of tribal, fanatical and other hegemonic sympathies are unable to address the matter clearly! In Ghana for example, all the other people whose lives are related to those terrorists - as genuine Fulanis, as herds-owners, as herdsmen or cattle farmers themselves or howsoever else - are the ones pleading with the right-acting governments, the law enforcement agents and the people, to allow them time to learn fully how now to live their lives in a modern world! In those places, these Fulanis or Muslims or both, are not threatening the people with more mayhem as these people are doing in Nigeria; because these Nigerian counterparts are receiving culpable sympathy from the Nigerian political top-leadership!

Praying for Nigeria means that we not only listen more to God than talk to or command Him, and that we do our best to discern the signs of the times; but ALSO that we study genuine information circulating or are available everywhere for those who seek such knowledge and wisdom. The recent study led by one Professor of South-western Nigerian extraction from the Chinua Achebe Centre for leadership studies, has revealed that there are at least 3 brands of Fulanis involved in the present Fulani herdsmen-related AK47 gun totting terrorism; of which the original Fulani herdsmen that we all know are just being used as camouflage for the evils of the other 2 or more groups. The fact that the Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria has bold-facedly put all our national security agencies under the arms of people (Hausa-Fulanis and their caliphate extensions, and to no others!) whom he believes or knows to be sympathetic, for good or evil, of the so-called or apparent "Fulani international and national interests". Other people interested in benefitting from this abnormality also line up with these people and colluding with the agenda, knowingly or unknowingly, in all the other parts and states of the country! That is the apparent "mystery" that God has desired to reveal to all Nigerians in ways that can no longer be a hidden thing! This is the very good thing that has come from the 2015 national elections and the political dispensation from it that is nicely coasting to an end now. Even if our most dear president Buhari would wake up now to begin to do any of the PROPER things that he should have been doing all these while, it would perhaps be alright, both for him and for us - that we will all get some spite of real life while he lasts there, and perhaps get some sympathy for himself as a former repentant imperialist afterwards. But for such a last minute repentance to change the revelation of the real problem with Nigeria all these while, and which has happened as a result of these last three years, will look to me like an impossibility - except in the minds and hearts of people who have, knowingly or unknowingly, made some sort of covenant with "the Evil One"!

So, as we happily should be coasting to the 2019 of the beginning of the full recovery of this nation from our erstwhile impoverishers, let us remember that the grassroots, non-violent but well informed and charitable containment of the radical imperialistic Fulani terrorism and colonialism must be the way to go! We should also continue to do so with the economic impoverishers of all the PDP and APC corruption gurus, all of them! No war mongering, no photo-trick-only methods, no undermining of any one or whole sections of the polity! It must be by only a true civilization and empowerment of all the currently undermined peoples, especially of the genuine Fulani people themselves, on how to live happily in the modern world with their pastoral lives in cattle and other animal ranches, in their original home states and no others, perhaps. The eventual government that we will create in 2019 must be ones at both state and the national levels that must talk about these in their manifestos, in their electioneering campaigns as well as pursue for all of us in this country, a win-win government of the people, for the people and by the people; but not by some fanatical, tribalistic and religious bigots or money mongers. God bless Nigeria!


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