BLOOD IS SACRED and Powerful. Life and death are in the blood. Blood is used for prayer, sacrifice, purification and thanksgiving. There are many instances recorded in the Scripture, whereby blood was used for these purposes (Ex 24:3-8, Lev 1-7, 7:11-15, Deut.12:24, Ex.12:7,13). In the olden days, the blood of virgins was being used for the erection of altars. Blood of animals (Goat, dogs, and fowl) were also offered as sacrifice to the gods on the altar. People also engaged in family and generational binding covenants using blood. These blood oath, promises and altars bind not only them, but children yet unborn.

Today, many villages, families and individuals are in bondage as a result of the blood covenant they entered or the blood spilled by their ancestors.

I was in a village in Enugu State recently.  It happened that members of that village; both those living at home and Diaspora were not progressing. Their neighboring towns and its member were far ahead of them in development. After much inquiry, they came to the realization that the problem they were facing was as a result of the crying blood of the innocent people who were buried alive at the village square. This blood was used for the erection of an evil altar. The altar in question is as old as the village itself. It was erected by their fore fathers and in the course of history, blood sacrifices are yearly performed at the shrine. According to some elders, “the gods of the altar are angry because people no longer pay homage as they should and bring blood sacrifices as required.” They went further saying that the gods will soon demand for their lives, which was already happening slowly.

However, the villagers were not ready to worship the god again, because it always demands the blood of their children. Not only that, this god had rendered some members of the families useless. The village heads, together with some Christians swang into action. They invited a Catholic Priest who started his deliverance by telling them that “The blood of Jesus Christ is the source of our Salvation and a weapon against the power of darkness.” The blood of Christ has the power to atone for an infinite number of sins committed by an infinite number of people throughout the ages, and all whose faith rests in that blood will be saved.

The Priest advised them to individually make atonement for the sins of their forefathers. All of them voluntary did as advised. They renewed their baptismal vows by denouncing Satan, his works and empty promises. The villagers did as directed and were liberated instantly. Today, as I speak to you, there is a mighty Church under construction at that village square. Few months after their deliverance, the Federal government mapped out their town to be used for the construction of an industry. Today, most of the villagers can be found in all sectors of the economy; both home and abroad. They now have seminarians studying for the Catholic Priesthood, of which one was ordained a deacon on June 2017.

According to this deacon, “The blood which Jesus Christ shed on the cross is a saving sign which fulfills the sacrifice of the Old Testament (The Old Testament sacrifice is the offering of animals, but the new sacrifice is the sacrifice of the cross, whereby Christ made himself a victim). According to him, the blood of Jesus Christ is the highest of all sacrifices and a supreme manifestation of love which we commemorate each time we celebrate the Holy Mass. People who eat, drink and call on the Blood of Christ (Eucharist) receives bountiful grace, mercy, love and protection. They receive all these freely and unconditionally, which is incomparable with the blood of animals.”

I recently watched a Nigerian movie title, “Occult Brothers.” The members of this evil society receive power, gifts and protection from drinking the blood of road users, pregnant women, children and even their relatives, yet they still thirst for more. They are neither happy, fulfilled nor complete. With their protection, they still sleep with their two eyes open, even after eating from Big Restaurants  they still go out unsatisfied, they are restricted to enter certain places. They are never at peace after performing blood rituals on their evil altar. However, these experiences of the Occult Brothers are not the same with that of true Christians, who are always fulfilled, complete and contented after receiving the Eucharist at the altar of praise. Who walk freely, sleep soundly, eat everything, and enter everywhere without being hurt.

On the Eucharistic table, Christ offered Himself in an unbloody manner through the ministry of His priests (CCC). That is the altar where I worship. That is why I call it, “An altar of praise”, because you and I join the celestial choirs of Angel in praising an all loving, merciful and benevolent God. A God that does not desire in human blood and sacrifices, but only demands their praise and thanksgiving. A God that does not kill those who serve Him, but rather died for them (Rom.5:8). Christ ‘s death washed away our sins (I.Jn.1:7), took away our problems and infirmities (Matt.6:16-17). That is why at the foot of the cross He said, “Tetelesa- Meaning, that it is finished (1.Jn.19:30). Thus, the blood of Jesus Christ gives liberty (Gal.3:13), healing (Isaiah.53:5), restoration (Eph.1:7), victory (Rev.12:11) and undeniable testimony (Eph.2:13). People with sorrow always come out with complete joy. People are relieved of their heavy burden on the Eucharistic altar. This blood heals the sick, makes the blind to see and the lame to walk.

At the last Supper, Christ beckoned on us to always call unto Him in the Eucharist (Matt.26:28, Lk.22:20, 1.Cor.11-25). The Scripture assures us in John 6:48, 51, that, “Whoever eats His bread and drinks of the blood will never perish, but will have eternal life.” Thus, in this perilous time, the Blood of Jesus is a mighty power of God’s. It brings us into an ever widening love of God and his creatures (Col.1:20). The devil is afraid of hearing the name, “Blood of Jesus.” Hence, pleading the blood of Jesus is one of the most effective ways to pray.

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