Anybody in Nigeria who had studied West African history, not necessarily in order to pass ANY examination(s) as such, but for his or her personal education and edification, will not be surprised AT ALL, how the Nigerian history had been evolving; especially since after the 2nd World War. Apart from the big and more or less mainly trading empires of Ashanti-Ghana, of Mali and of Songhai, it would also be good for such a person to have learnt of the more religiously based ones of Sokoto and of Kanem-Bornu; as well as the apparently globally less ambitious ones of Oyo and Bini! However, it will not be a surprise for anybody who is not familiar with these facts of the growing Nigerian story buried in those histories, to ask: what is it in those histories that we should be bothering to learn or to know them?

As a widely well-known adage of the world says, those who do not know history and learn from it, are bound to repeat all its mistakes in their then more advanced modern world, with all its sophistications; and so, to do so at very much higher negative consequences! That is EXACTLY what is happening in our Nigeria of this 21st century; something that should not have been allowed to happen, if we had been reasonable enough to learn our history and do so very well! Again, unfortunately, the generality of Nigerians are not to blame for this. Those who had desired us to end up in the current mess, cleverly, negatively, and not quite so intelligently, removed history from the curriculum of general education in Nigeria after the so-called Nigerian civil war. They did that so that the current silly situation will come about; and especially the worse one, which they have in their rather funny heads believed; that is, that we will return to a time when only the fanatical religious Sokoto Empire will prove to itself that it will be the only one of all the past kingdoms and empires of West Africa that managed to survive!

Those Nigerians and other peoples interested in it for good, and who have studied her more recent history, will still be able to understand where Nigeria is going now, if care is not taken to put a stop to the silliest trend! This will be so, especially if they studied, the history of what Ahmadu Bello had said as the great grandson of the Uthman DanFodio of the Sokoto Caliphate and fanatical Islamic empire of old and his very grand political intrigues. It will benefit them also to study what Chief Obafemi Awolowo had himself said, especially between 1961 and 1964 (as written by the exceptional Awo himself); that is, before the most interesting treasonable felony and Justice Sowemimo "my hands are tied" imprisonment saga! Of course, the story of the country changed drastically thereafter, as ingenuously contributed to by the same Awo himself and the rest of the caliphate's, knowing and unknowing, conspirators and co-conspirators - for a rather funny reason that the ignorant collaborators will apparently never come to learn or to agree with, till the end of time. So, there will be no reason to touch on that other matter at all.

However, for anybody in Nigeria today, since July 2018, not to know that we are running and consistently returning to a full-fledged Sokoto caliphate fanatical Islamic Fulani herdsmen and preacher empire of old, is for me not to know what to say to such a person! With all due respects to everybody and every Nigerian, I know that we are all very brilliant people. As a country also, we are so very large, and much endowed with so many other human and material resources that we are just an indescribable giant, waiting to wake up and do something good and better, than we have been doing. The whole world knows it! And that is why no matter how more silly we grow, they are still patiently waiting that "one day, one day" we will just wake up and truly occupy our place in the league of true nations of the world; and every other regions of it that we belong to, duly.

It is precisely because all the Nigerians, especially those who belong to the Sokoto-Daura-Katsina-Kano-Zazzau joint caliphate government that we have, know this fact and either condone/accept it or as their originators or supposedly primary beneficiaries, are pushing it as hard as they ever can, that we have the situation captured by the title of this discussion! Illiterate Fulani herdsmen are all over this country running everything at the grassroots level - Okada business, Keke napep, petty intransigent STREET TRADING AND BEGGING FOR ARMS AS THEIR BLESSED GIFT TO THE NATION that even the so-called Nigerian police can no longer control them, blocking ANY ROADS OF THEIR CHOICE ON ANY DAY in the name of worship of this their peculiar type of "God" that delights in them alone and violence for everybody else, deafening noise-making all day long and at any particular times of the day (and especially at night) in the name of worshipping this particularly violent "God" of theirs, all the masquerade-type dressing of this particular "God", etc, etc! And the so-called moderate/civilized Muslims are simply watching, or even copying them! But the worst of all these intransigent behaviours is that of the most illiterate herdsmen! They are EVERYWHERE, rural and urban areas alike, road tracks as well as high and low ways, even multiple track express carriage ways; and arrogantly expecting everybody to honour and worship their cows; otherwise, to receive the wrath of their AK47 and other hidden or sometimes not hidden sophisticated weapons of utter warfares! Neither the police nor the so-called civil defense outfits (which we now have an uncountable number of) are able to do anything about this utter menace, for the peace and happy life of the Nigerian law abiding citizens! And still, business "goes on undisturbed" in our so-called country!

The entire military and civil high and low commands of the country are "collected in their entirety" and placed in the hands of this same "Sokoto-Daura- - - -Zazzau" empire people and nobody except Obasanjo, Danjuma and Gowon (who themselves were at their various high  times, most willing tools in the hands of this empire) are saying any things about them! On the other hand, we are told that these are the only trustworthy Nigerians for the present empire government! And the insult goes on unaddressed? Others say that they are only retaliating on what Jonathan did in his time! Well then. Ours is a prophetic function, in the real sense of that word only; and we will say no further. Both for those who scheme and do these things and those who should be able to advise (or even to do some things positive and good for all the people concerned) to the contrary but refuse to do so, we can only say, like the Jonah of old to Nineveh, "so many 'days' only left, and the real God will be here to do His good job for everyone"! PLEASE REPENT OF THESE EVIL WAYS AND DAYS, AND DO THE GOOD THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW, FOR EVERYONE IN THIS PLACE! Do not pretend not to know! God bless us, all!

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