THE EMBARRASSINGLY BOURGEONING rate of cold blood murder, in the hands of rampaging terrorists being called herdsmen and the lunatics, branding as boko haram has given our country and its people enough nightmare. It’s more so that government has not demonstrated that it has what it takes to protect us from these marauders. In fact, the actions and inactions of government thus far has put it off as totally incapable, of managing the crisis, if not as endorsing what looks like religious genocide.

If that portrays our country as a failed state, wait a minute to know that we live in a state of anarchy in which life is most uncertain. These past weeks have witnessed unprecedented acts of brigandage, far worse than at any time since man started to wear clothes, by the people we call leaders.

One senator had the frontage of his house barricaded by armed men and yet, he managed to get out into his senate office, unnoticed, in what looked like a miracle. Just the following week, another senator, fleeing from kidnappers, the very day he was to be in court on charges, of gun running, among other crimes. He stayed on that tree, for eleven hours, even watching the kidnappers search for him, and for the duration of the court sitting. The latest, in the series is an orchestrated barricading of the senate by no less than, hood-wearing men of the DSS. Till this moment, the exact purpose of the barricade remains in the realm of conjecture with allegations and counter-allegations dogging the episode. In the mist of all those, Oshibajo, a lawyer and vice president, took charge, in the absence of the president, sacking the DG of DSS, ordering his arrest and appointing another one, in his place.

This President, Buhari, a veteran of the War Against Indiscipline, was overwhelmingly preferred at the ballot, in 2014, for no other reason other than to correct all that got wrong under the Jonathan’s most inept regime, in our history. No sooner than baba Buhari got sworn in, Nigerians started to see signs of ineptitude, again. A bewildered citizenry then started to ruminate on the possible causes and an accusing finger got directed at the presidency in which a powerful mafia (of, largely, members from the president’s clan), was rumoured to be located. While that mafia was being criticized for the many odious happenings, the president wasn’t being spared as he was  accused of nepotism.

A chronicle of embarrassing events which painted this government in bad light, till date, include the cases of Maina and Babachir, the failure to get big looters jailed as most Nigerians, earlier expected, if only to serve as deterrent; the failure to tame the monster of insecurity; the bourgeoning state of corruption in the public service, as security men, openly bargain for bribes on the highways; the rampaging lawlessness of this outfit, called SAR, the continuing pauperization of Nigerians by a most lawless PENCOM, which, till date has not figured out, how to get workers paid from the first month of salary cessation, etc, etc.

This, latest and the most current absurdity, however, had a blockade erected at the entrance of the legislative house, by heavily armed, hood wearing members of a security outfit, preventing legislators from entering their offices. The ensuing drama had stranded legislators locked in  contests with the men of the security agency. Coming at the trail of, some earlier comedies in which a few senators were in involved raises the temperature of the polity. Not a few people saw each of this series of rascally behaviours as an anathema to the cause of democracy and civilization, thus generating fury, uproar and condemnation, in and outside of Nigeria. The acting president acted swiftly by sacking the head of the culprit-security outfit, Lawal Daura, who was, immediately, arrested for investigation. Lawal has been, severally, fingered as being a member of a powerful clique, within the presidency, that has been running a government within a government-they are rumoured to make their own laws, by choosing who to obey. All anti-people scandals, including the emergence of an anti-Magu letter, which nailed Magu, an appointee of the president, to head the EFCC, has been traced to this group which has been colluding with anti-people forces to derail the change project, for which this government was voted in.

As at now, the last is yet to be heard on the matter but this, to most Nigerians seems an opportunity for this president to sweep his house clean, sparing no one, and re-energize the wobbling change agenda.

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