IN OUR LAST NATIONAL political elections, the political contraption called APC and its presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, won the election. Largely because this election was held before any others and Buhari was announced as winner thereof, many APC candidates in many states also won the elections due to the Nigerian "follow-follow" phenomenon! Buhari won the election, of course, not because he personally had much to show for it; but precisely because most Nigerians had become disgusted with the long ruling  national  party,  the  PDP.  The PDP had become a body of political thieves, gangsters and every other imaginable political evils, all tied in one.

A good number of Nigerians warned us all that Buhari had nothing in his political kitty other than ethno-religious bigotry, murderous capacities and corruption. But most people just wanted PDP and the unfortunate Goodluck Jonathan out of the place. It was obviously a very confusing and delicate thing at that time; and too much blame should not be put on anybody's table for the elections as they went. Even though most people could see that Jonathan was not a bad person but victim of other people's use of him for their political games in the past, for offices that he did not prepare for, even though he was trying his best with them. The complicated nature of Nigeria, the minorities syndrome, the Lagos Media mafia, Kaduna mafia and those who believe that Nigeria is their private property to treat as they like or otherwise they will make Nigeria ungovernable, were all there for him to contend with. Worst of all was his "AGBERO in the house" who had all the things that are Nigeria's political evils all in one - corruption, nepotism, "bad mouth", etc!; and so, went Jonathan and the PDP!

What we have had of the APC and Buhari from their immediate take off to date, has definitely become the showpiece of Nigeria's corruption at the very best - tribalism, religious fanaticism, murderous capacities at their best, mania for lying, political incompetence, dishonesty of all sorts, etc. As of today, towards the end of April in 2018, virtually three full years since we have been having all these disgusting political shows, we are not hearing enough Nigerians articulating, exposing and explaining the nature and ramifications of all these macabre showing and proffering possible solutions for them. On the contrary, all we are hearing are mere murmuring by the overwhelming majority of Nigerians on these awfully very poor political performances; but little credible counter organizations and actions for them to be brought to an end.

So, the questions start to literally flood my mind: How has it come to this, that the most wicked, illiterate and the most clueless will continue to rule us? How has it come about that those of us so-called educated people that have decided to join the politics of this country have done so exactly as the half-educated others did - to become easily bought over, corrupted and compromised, that we cannot raise credible opposition to all these evil groups? How did we stay here and virtually all the military, law, order and civil protection and control of this country got overtaken by the same people who are bent on running the country into a dead and fallow land, for cows and "other animals" only?

The political set up has become so systematically corrupt that from the mere local government councilor to the very president, very little that is truly good can be found in them, easily. Understandably, this is what has brought most Nigerians to resorting to prayers only. But will such prayers save the situation without concrete actions on some meaningful ways forward? It is in the light of this situation that the present call on Buhari to resign by the Catholic Bishops Conference will be seen. It will be recalled that these bishops visited Buhari at Aso Rock not long ago with the compromise of appointments in this country on the basis of tribalistic and religious bigotry; and of the need to reverse those compromises of our constitution and apparent national rules of engagement. But will Buhari heed these or any similar calls?

The situation that the country finds itself now is one in which both local, national and international actions are needed to make sense out of the country. To learn that people like Barrister Kuyamo that many people had taken as a civil rights and liberty inclined lawyer, had agreed in the face of all these disastrous situation to become Buhari's mouthpiece for his re-election bid is just such a disappointing thing! It has been speculated that it must be Tinubu who must have persuaded him to do so. Such would be a disaster for the Yoruba race, in my own opinion. All enlightened groups in this country must rise up and contribute their quota in saving the country from this present disastrous situation. While the Bishops conference and such other religious bodies should increase those calls and pressures, the civil ones must take their actions in this regard to the international political communities - United Nations, the Commonwealth, AU, EU, etc. Those who desire to raise and organize for us a genuine THIRD POLITICAL FORCE, must be assisted to do so. This third force must find a Taraba, Benue, Plateau, Southern Bauchi, Southern Kaduna or Nasarawa civilized Christian for the next presidential election and a Northern (Auchi/Etsako) Edo detribalized and civilized Muslim running mate for the next election. Gowon and Danjuma must do more in this regard.

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