CATHOLIC WOMEN OF SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja, voice out their opinion on who a mother is.

A mother is one who disciplines the children, educates them and teaches them the way of the Lord. She is prayerful and never forgets to call the family together to pray, bearing in mind that a family that prays together stays together. She teaches her children how to say the Rosary right from their infant stage.

-Lady. Agnes Orbih, Mama Fada/ Parishoner, SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

There is a difference between being a mother and being a responsible mother. For one to be a mother, she must have a family. However, the gift of children crowns it all. But a responsible mother is a woman who lives up to expectation as regards the running of the family. She takes good care of her husband and children. She does not leave all the domestic duties to the house help. Her husband is her soul-mate. Thus, she does not nag nor gossip about their family differences, difficulties or crisis to outsiders.

-Mrs. Nwokocha Benedicta Akuezi, CLN, 2nd Vice President C.W.O SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

A responsible mother must be religious to the core. This religious attitude must come from the heart. It must be practical, should reflect that of our Mother Mary and must not be a camouflage. She should always draw the family members closer to God, using every possible means. She too must be active in Church’s activities. Self respect and self esteem must be her watch-word. She must never be a gossiper. Thus, she needs to be articulate, disciplined, conserved and principled. Finally, she must know the right things to do and right times to do them.

-Mrs. Nwaedozie Nneka, President of C.W.O, SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

A responsible mother is a woman who is willing to perform her motherly duties. This entails packaging herself so as to face the advantage and disadvantage that comes out of marriage. God is the invisible leader of every home, but your husband is the supreme visible leader, and as such, you must be submissive to him so as to allow peace to reign. She must therefore be patience in all her dealings and not violent.

A mother is an administrator. As an administrator, teach your children the truth; Let them know their left and right, the good and the bad, so that they won’t misbehave outside. Never be a lazy woman. Thus, a responsible mother works hard to feed the family. She dresses modestly and rethinks before she speaks.

Finally, not only your husband is marrying you. Being responsible entails respect and self-respect, not only to your husband, but to other members of the extended family (Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Kinsmen). I’m a widow, but due to the respect I have for my husband’s family members, they never cease to love, care and respect me. My mother-in-law calls me “Nkem.” Most women face opposition when their husband dies, this is because they did not build a lovely, respectful and trusting foundation with their husband’s family members when he was still alive.

- Mrs. Nkechi Uka, Public Relation Officer of C.W.O, SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

A woman who performs her duty in a Godly manner is a responsible mother. A responsible mother carries out motherly duties at home, in the Church, working place and everywhere she finds herself. The home is a small Church. It is the woman that builds the home. She makes a house a home. She is the designer, creator and beautifier of the home. At home, she is a teacher, builder, manager, and motivator. She is a pain absorber and endures in the midst of difficulties. The Scripture in Proverbs 31:10-32 listed the qualities of a virtuous woman and which every mother should strive to possess. Finally, “If all homes are good, the Church, country and larger society will also be good.” For Charity begins at home.   

Lady. Agatha Umeh, KSJ, 1ST C.W.O President of SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja/ Matron Marriage Committee Chairperson in the CCRN.

A responsible mother is one who is God-fearing. She loves her family, but loves God above all things and her neighbor as herself. She intercedes not only for the family, but for the extended family members. She works hard to make sure that the needs of the family are met. Always encouraging her children, not only to do the right things, but doing them at the right time.

A responsible mother is supportive. She supports her husband in whatever good that he is doing for the growth of the family and the benefit of the society. She ensures that the children participate actively in Church’s activities, as well as academic and social activities.

- Mrs.Baribor Odoh, A teacher/AMSP Sectarian leader of SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

Mothers are the pillars of the family. Just as the Scripture said, “A virtues woman builds, while a bad woman scatters.” Thus, a responsible mother is one who strives for love, unity and peace in the family. She loves her children equally. She recites her Rosary daily. If as a mother, you don’t know how to recite the Rosary, how will your children know?

If as a mother, you are not actively involved in the C.W.O or do not belong in any society in the Church, you are missing something. How and where will you learn what to pass on to your children? You can only do that when you are actively involved. Some argue saying, “I can serve God in my home.” Yes you can partially do that, but it is not complete. For the Scripture reminds us that where two or more are gathered in the name of the Lord, there God dwell.

- Mrs. Christiana Lenge,2nd Vice President, Parish Pastoral Council/ C.W.O Secretary of SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

A responsible woman is the pride of her husband. She is patient, obedient, kind and respectful. She is the apple of God’s eyes and a role model. As a mother, the children look up to you. They imitate your actions and inactions. Thus, you ought to be mindful of how you live your life. As the wife of the Catechist of this Parish, I know that all eyes are on me. Thus, I strive to live up to a Godly standard in exercising my motherly responsibilities.

Mrs. Agnes Kwaghkohl, Catechist’s wife/ Parishoner, SS.Peter &Paul’s Parish, Nyanya, Abuja.

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