THE SITUATION HAD DETERIORATED to such an extent that any change was considered a better option. So Buhari came in on the wings of people's despair and desperation. The expectations were high and many, the promises were equally plenty. But no sooner had President Buhari assumed office than we realized Buhari was not a saint, that Buhari was not fit for the enormous job given him. We  wondered  how  we  could  have  replaced a clueless President with another clueless one. The signs for a lame regime were there, but people were so disoriented that they wanted the former regime gone by all and whatever means.

During the campaign prior to that election, Mohammadu Buhari acknowledged his advanced years and the consequent limitation, he promised to do one term. An honourable man would have kept faith and remain true to his words. But in a society filled with sycophants and boot lickers, promises are still born and memories are often faint. We were therefore, not surprise, when President Buhari opted to run again for the Presidency for the second term as a democrat. If rats made attempts to drive him out of Aso Rock, the first time, one can be sure that a second attack, against a fickle minded person, weak, self-opinionated would likely succeed.

If the third coming of Buhari succeed, then, it goes to show the quality of our dreams and imagination. Then we should not complain. The indices are there for us to demand a referendum and upstage a callous, myopic, brutal, and corrupt regime. But what have we done? We agonize, we complain, argue and fight among ourselves and essentially do nothing tangible. The President was arrogantly delusional to think Nigerians are clamouring for it. Which Nigerians other than the Cows he's given free rein to roam about.  A right thinking person would have chosen an honourable path in favour of the future generation.

As it is, Nigeria is in a mess and the President and myopic helpers are clueless as to how to solve the myriads of problems. Electricity supply in Nigeria is one of the worst in the entire planet. Bill Gates reminded the world that Nigeria is the worst place to be born on earth with the highest percentage of infant mortality. Our young and talented check out of Nigeria daily in search of green pastures, not greener, because, Nigeria  may have been blessed by God, her  riches  have  not been tapped and where  they  have been tapped, the oligarchs have  appropriated it to themselves and exploited us all.

Boko Haram attacks are yet to stop, Fulani Herdsmen have become a law unto themselves, maiming citizens and sacking entire communities. It is once again a case of the Nation dies, while the President nurses his cows. New jobs are not created while the old refuse to retire, leaving the young ones, hopeless and despondent. Every available indicator of progress is on a downward spiral and the President is unperturbed. Our Senators and Legislators who should have provided succor for the masses are themselves, exploiters.

Buhari's second coming was by stealth and deception. He was projected to be redeemed, to have become a statesman, an elder, and a democrat. The Buhari we have seen thus far, is anything else but these. His deeds and silence were  those  of  a  religious fanatic, a slow poison, a tribal leader and a man lacking in clear vision of a modern society. He must not be allowed a repeat!

The Third coming of Buhari bode no good for the nation. It is a sad omen for the nation and a blithe on our collective sense of responsibility as people with character.  We need new blood, young and virile, not the polluted brains that are recycled every time in Nigeria. The younger generation has been roaring to go for a long time and they have always been prevented by the outdated and irrelevant senior citizens. As it is often joked about, "our mumu don do!"

Therefore, to prevent the third coming of Buhari, all right thinking persons, especially the youth must ensure that PMB does not win, by refusing to cast their vote for mediocrity. The old have tried, they should be helped to enjoy their retirement away from public glare.  The electorate must be helped to think clearly and constructively, assessing the situation on the ground critically. They must be helped to think wholistically instead of just focusing on the short term. We must hold our politicians accountable and if found wanting, to be helped out.

In the final analysis, Nigeria is in a mess, politically, and economically, there is fear in the land and death lurks at every turn. We need a thorough overhaul, and PMB has shown himself to be unfit for  the  job  and  the future of Nigeria. It  is  time for him to go back and help with the cow industry.

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