In the 2015 Nigerian national elections, the quickly assembled All Progressive Congress (APC) and their various candidates won the political elections in many of the national constituencies. As every well-informed watcher of Nigeria's politics would know even then, many of these APC candidates won the elections not because of their personal qualities but precisely because the Peoples' Democratic Party (PDP) had become such a corrupt political monster that anythinng else other than it, would be acceptable - just for the good riddance of it that we all desperately needed then! The corruption in the PDP became such a big issue that even the very sowers and nurturers of that very corruption who had somehow gotten themselves disenfranchised from the party, became the sacred preachers on the corruption of the PDP and sanctimonious self-praise-singers of their holy and uncorrupted selves! Everybody in the PDP was then branded corrupt, irrespective of the evidences that abound on the integrity or the good works of such people, even though these were quite few indeed.

On the other hand, the corruption and gross incompetence of many of the APC candidates were most gladly overlooked, even if these were clearly and repeatedly pointed out by the very people who knew those people very well; even with all the factual evidences! Most of the APC politicians at the grass-roots levels were merely political thugs or such other service agents of the overall Nigerian corrupted systems and governments. However, it would appear that the level of bigotry, incompetence and overall corruption of the people who eventually became the "official" people of the APC was the higher   in the hierarchy one went; the usually obvious few exceptions notwithstanding. Even though many of the possessors of those facts presented them before and during the electioneering, nobody had time to give ANY audience nor even tolerance to listen to those facts. These APC political office candidates, all, instantly achieved political sainthoods at that material time. All calls to reason and to evaluate each presented facts by their own selves, independent of the political PDP-riddance factor at that time, remained unheeded. So, eventually BINGO; so came the APC government at many states and the federal levels of our country's governance!

Now that we have had the APC governments in place for virtually a complete 3 years in office, the 2015 political lection fever now dead and the 2019 one getting hotter and hotter each day for the 2019 national elections, the 2015 scales would seem to have fallen off our eyes. But does this mean that Nigerians will now realize that the way for ANY electorate that truly loves itself to vote in any election is by an objective evaluation of each candidate thereof, and to vote for such on the basis of their proven character and merit; but not partisanly on the basis of some concocted political party name of any sort, which they do/should not belong to in the first place? Any part of such a consideration given to any place for their political party in such a voting decision must be on the basis of such party's clearly given ideology and programmes; which ideology they had shown evidence to respect and been implementing the said programmes themselves. These should never be on the basis of empty promises and propaganda. Indeed, any such empty propaganda should be counted against such political parties; as well as taken into account in deciding on voting in regard of candidates from them!

On the whole and in regard of both the PDP and APC, it has become obvious that it is precisely the same discredited (or should have long been discredited) people that are recycling themselves in power in those two parties. It should therefore be simple common sense that anybody with current or past memberships of those political concoctions should no longer be voted into office by ANY Nigerian who loves himself or herself or the country as a whole. It is exactly on the basis of this simple fact that many Nigerians who will like to be accepted as eager to provide this third organized political force for the up-coming 2019 national elections are talking of this third political force. In this regard, people must be warned that the very master script-writer or writers for the ultimate corruption in Nigeria seen in the "third term agenda" cannot in any way be associated with anything genuine in this regard. In addition, in setting up this third political force to rescue this country from the PDP-APC mess, such people must ensure that they, as a matter of fact, have rules of membership which makes it clear that nobody who had been part of those two political outfits may join them until five full years of their establishment and functioning. Even then, only those who have purged themselves of these corrupt outfits and their cultures should be allowed to join those parties. Moreover, such third political forces must be quick to develop their ideologies and make them effective and implemented from the word go.

Finally, if we are to actually begin to try to become a TRULY independent and democratic country, as different from colonial or neo-colonial country or nationalities of the British or the preceding Benin, Oyo, Sokoto and Borno Empires of old or their other time or geographical extensionS, then, ANY thoughts that rulers of this country must come from the neo-colonial thinking from those angles - whether of the religious or tribal/cultural types - must be thoroughly dismantled. Anybody with a born-to-rule or it-must-be-us-or-we-make-the-country-ungovernable-by-any-other-person(s) must be dismantled. People thinking like that or sympathizing with such obviously silly ways of thinking in a modern civilized world, should be shown that s/he no longer belongs to the present world. Only in this way of thinking and voting will Nigeria arrive at the win-win state of a truly independent, democratic and progressive country.  May God Himself help us all to arrive at this democratic win-win political culture and progressive country, as he rewards those who would rather keep us in these past states of impoverishment accordingly, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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